About Us

Beadbuyer is a family business in Surrey run by Michael and Sarah. We specialise in high quality semi-precious stone beads which we source and hand-select directly from manufacturers on our frequent buying sprees. We are both drawn to quality and believe that is what our customers deserve, spending long hours in hot showrooms sifting through bunches of beads to select only those with the best shape, colour and finish. Yes, it's a hard job, but somebody has to do it!

Tougher still, we are always searching for new ideas: new stones we've not come across before; unusual finishes; and fresh interpretations of the classic shapes. Naturally we're always keen to hear from you - our customers - with suggestions for new stones, shapes, and finishes you'd like to work with.

To complement our beads, we have a large range of beautiful silver beads hand-made by the Karen Hill Tribe people of Northern Thailand. This silver is almost pure at around 98% in content (compared with Sterling and 925 at 92.5% silver) and is characterised by its soft sheen, reluctance to tarnish and exquisitely-executed designs.

As you can see from this website, we're not yet an on-line shop. So until this happens the best way to view our full range is at the many bead fairs we attend all over the country. We look forward to welcoming you on to our stand at our next show in your area.

Sarah and Michael, the Beadbuyer team

We spend long hours in showrooms like this sorting through stacks of beads.

Selecting stone in a factory to be made into beautiful beads.

One of the bead trade malls we trawl for new stock. It has 2000 outlets.